Is Your Clothes Dryer Vent a Fire Hazard?


Here’s a question for you. What happens to over 15,000 homes, resulting in an average of fifteen deaths and four hundred injuries each year in the US? The answer: fire in your clothes dryer vent. With use, the exhaust duct to your dryer can clog with lint. Lint blocks the flow of air, and if this lint overheats, the result could be a catastrophic fire in your dryer with tragic consequences.

Dryer vent fires are most often caused by the lint you can’t see…

How can you check to see if your dryer vent is working properly? There are a couple easy things for you to check. First, check the outside duct while your dryer is running, and make sure air through the line is coming through unobstructed. Second, monitor your drying cycle. If your clothes aren’t drying as quickly as they used to, it may indicate a blocked exhaust vent. Blocked air flow or longer drying times are pretty good indicators that you need to clean out your dryer vent clean dryer duct.

You may be able to clean your dryer vent

If your outside duct is accessible and connects to your dryer with a straight run of no more than a few feet, then you can probably clean out the duct yourself. Simply pull your dryer out from the wall, and disconnect the flex tube that runs from your dryer to your inner wall. Then use a long-handled duster, or a small broom head on a pole, and gently dust out the inside of your inside-to-outside vent. This should only take a couple minutes. Then re-assemble, and you’re done.

Or you may need a dryer vent contractor

Many newer homes have their dryers in the home, with longer, winding dryer ducts leading to the outside, oftentimes the roof. These dryer lines need a different cleaning approach and most home owners simply do not have the proper equipment to clean through long sections of ducting. So you’ll be glad to know that there are professional dryer vent cleaners, with specialized equipment, that can affordably remove dust and debris from your vent. Check Angie’s List, or your yellow pages.

Simple, important tips to maintain your dryer vent

Before and after drying each load of clothes, clean the lint screen. Periodically clean behind your dryer where lint can build up. If you’re drying clothes that were dirtied with gas, stains, cooking oils or chemicals, use the lowest heat setting there is. There may still be some volatile compounds in the clothes that could ignite while drying. Last but not least, try to keep the area around your dryer clear of rags and other clutter.

A Consumer Reports recommendation

If your dryer has the flexible, plastic or foil type of duct, Consumer Reports suggests that you change that out for rigid, metal ducting. CR recommends metal for two reasons, (1) metal is safer and may contain an accidental lint fire, and (2) metal ducting provides a larger maximum airflow. Folks, don’t get burned… take a look at your dryer vent… why not now? It could be the most valuable five minutes you spend today.

How To Avoid Dryer Dysfunctions


Dryer vent blockage can cause a prolonged drying time, irregularities in warming , existence of humidity since found quite often within its laundry area and also the insufficient quantity of emission of heated air. All these issues are related to this avoidance of dryer port that has to be cleaned time to time, and be sure anybody can fix the jinx readily. That is no need of contacting a tech. Rather anyone can predict the pictures on your own.

How malfunctioning dryers should be repaired is very interesting and a very simple endeavor. Home appliances like dryer, micro oven, are utilised routinely, and owing to their substantially uses, their tools want to get kept fit, so that they may be unable to to induce a system to a condition of complete halt into functioning. Whatever the reasons may be, adjusting the specialized hitches could be possible simply by following directions and therefore are mentioned in manual books. For this particular, one necessarily needs to know first the specific issue and identify the particular field of hitches dryer vent.

If a person reads its way of adjusting to become not-so-easy, then make sure first time repairing may appear to be difficult but such won’t beat the next moment. Some one may be asking if buying a home appliance like this you is really purchasing a issue. It is not therefore. However, it is better to first master the basics of mending an appliance than running after having a professional mechanic and coughing up a significant service price. Sounding unprofitable? Examining the easy explanations of how to track down the source of mechanical issues of the dryer as stated below will likely be unquestionably helpful.

Dryer getting Long Time: the standard phase of drying, though relying upon force of laundry, can vary between a hour and fifteen minute to three hours. Seriously a good functioning drier must maybe not cross one particular hour performing the practice, no matter how the load might be. Nevertheless, taken for granted, the moment the limitation of serious three hours will be overtaken, make certain you’ve got got your vent clogged. You must instantaneously wash that lest the vent should cause longer issues. This occurs as a result of insufficient quantity of airflow release. It’s demanded only both to install drier vent or to have dryer vent thoroughly clean . Both of the work are easy plus they do not seem to force you summon a tech.

Cabinet Remains great: Vent blockage may even stop the dryer motor from being heated up. Thus, to pre empt up such heating malfunctions of a drier, the effortless task of dryer vent clean is prerequisite and needs to be performed regularly.

Cabinet Obtaining Humid: a single can sometimes not ice frequent buildup of moisture inside the dryer. That is additionally the consequence of insufficient amount of air-flow release.

We could quite relevantly and rightly infer that majority of drier malfunctions happens for vent clogging. And this job of doing vent cleaning is rather uncomplicated and performable by oneself too, without having calling a tech or replacement with way of a brand new person. The quicker the hitch is solved, the better.